Monday, August 27, 2007

New Membership option coming at The Goat Source

I have been busy behind the scenes putting together a membership area just for you - the beginning goat owner! I will keep you updated on my progress!!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
It's almost time to wean my babies. I imagine there will be some non stop noise here very soon! My moms will get their well deserved rest before starting all over again!
I attended a goat auction last week and I have to say I was not impressed with the quality of the animals offered. Doesn't anyone FEED their goats properly anymore?! Either the animals were thin and dirty or they were sloppy fat. The only animal I saw that I would have bid on was a very impressive 4 1/2 year old Boer Buck. He was being sold because the owners had to cut numbers due to drought. Unfortunately, I didn't have a use for him. Another beef I have is most of the animals that were dehorned were not done very well, lots of scurs. I realize this is an auction and the animals presented were mostly culls but some of them were from herds that were dispersing and should have been in better shape!
I am progressing (slowly) with the cart training of my wether, Chunky Monkey. He is learning to wear the harness and walk out. Someday I may even get him on video doing his thing. Last time I had him in harness, he jumped up on the top of the small barn. I hope he doesn't try that when I have a cart behind him!!
That's all for now!
Leslie The Goat Source