Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Babies and Thunderstorms!!

I have four does with new babies! They have been outside for almost a week now and the weather has been reasonably nice. Until today!! A HUGE thunderstorm passed through about an hour ago, tornado warnings, thunderstorms warnings, you name it, we got it!
I looked out to the doe pen and (of course) the lowest on the totem pole doe and her kids weren't being allowed in the barn. So, I went out and played enforcer. I sat out the storm, in the barn, with her kid on my lap. Actually it wasn't bad. I was pretty close to the door, and it splashed in a little, but all of us were pretty cozy. My little paint girl fell asleep in my lap. The thunder boomers were a little un-nerving as the storm passed over, but we all came through OK and the sun is shining now. We needed the moisture, but I am sure glad most of the rain we get isn't that variety!