Monday, August 27, 2007

New Membership option coming at The Goat Source

I have been busy behind the scenes putting together a membership area just for you - the beginning goat owner! I will keep you updated on my progress!!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
It's almost time to wean my babies. I imagine there will be some non stop noise here very soon! My moms will get their well deserved rest before starting all over again!
I attended a goat auction last week and I have to say I was not impressed with the quality of the animals offered. Doesn't anyone FEED their goats properly anymore?! Either the animals were thin and dirty or they were sloppy fat. The only animal I saw that I would have bid on was a very impressive 4 1/2 year old Boer Buck. He was being sold because the owners had to cut numbers due to drought. Unfortunately, I didn't have a use for him. Another beef I have is most of the animals that were dehorned were not done very well, lots of scurs. I realize this is an auction and the animals presented were mostly culls but some of them were from herds that were dispersing and should have been in better shape!
I am progressing (slowly) with the cart training of my wether, Chunky Monkey. He is learning to wear the harness and walk out. Someday I may even get him on video doing his thing. Last time I had him in harness, he jumped up on the top of the small barn. I hope he doesn't try that when I have a cart behind him!!
That's all for now!
Leslie The Goat Source

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Goat Source is entering an Internet Contest!

I need your help!! I am entering a contest on the Internet - it is called The Next Internet Millionaire and I need your vote!!
Why should you vote for me?
  • Votes count for 50% of the score
  • With enough votes, I can get into the second round
  • If I win, you will benefit!! How?
    • I will learn how to make my website more useful to you
    • I will learn how to find out what you want to see on my site
    • I will be able to devote more time to my site and be more responsive to your needs
So, take a minute and view my video audition (check out one of my cute babies - she's my co-star).
View here:
and vote here:
Thanks in advance for your help!!
Leslie The Goat Source

Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Babies and Thunderstorms!!

I have four does with new babies! They have been outside for almost a week now and the weather has been reasonably nice. Until today!! A HUGE thunderstorm passed through about an hour ago, tornado warnings, thunderstorms warnings, you name it, we got it!
I looked out to the doe pen and (of course) the lowest on the totem pole doe and her kids weren't being allowed in the barn. So, I went out and played enforcer. I sat out the storm, in the barn, with her kid on my lap. Actually it wasn't bad. I was pretty close to the door, and it splashed in a little, but all of us were pretty cozy. My little paint girl fell asleep in my lap. The thunder boomers were a little un-nerving as the storm passed over, but we all came through OK and the sun is shining now. We needed the moisture, but I am sure glad most of the rain we get isn't that variety!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Newsletter

I have mailed the May edition of The Goat Source Newsletter. If you didn't receive it or you got a partial edition, let me know and I can mail you the PDF version.
I am updating the Resource Manual that goes in the Digital Beginners Guide. If you would like to be included in the Resource Manual, let me know. I need the following info:
  • Website Name
  • Website Owner
  • Type of site (info/articles/ or farm site etc.)
  • Brief description of site and it's contents
  • Website Address
  • Contact information
Inclusion is at my discretion. If your site has useful information for the goat owner, I want to include it! Deadline for getting in is the end of May - I may extend it if I can't get it all done by then!!
Be sure and visit my new Shop - The Goat Source Shirt Shop! Get gifts for the goat person in your life. I can customize anything in my shop - I will imprint your herd name on the back of any shirt I carry for free! Visit us at
That's all for now - got to go and check on my new babies! Hopefully, I will have videos to post soon!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Goat Source April Newsletter 2007

The April Newsletter has been mailed. If you are not signed up, go to Newsletter and sign up for your free screen saver and the latest edition!

My Blog has Moved!

The Goatsource News and Views has migrated (and you thought just birds did it!). Unless I figure out how to link to the old blog, the old posts are gone. Check out my new feature - Goat Videos!